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    Great tips for skiing with your children.


Tips and information for travelling in the mountains with children

All children and infants need to hold their own passport which must be valid for a further 6 months after the date of your holiday

By Car

Take all the old favourites: toys, blanket, pillow, drinks, snacks and wipes. Facilities for children on board ferries are usually excellent. If using the Tunnel, once on the shuttle, facilities are very limited. French motorway services generally have changing facilities, play areas and high-chairs. Do remember that babies and small children may have problems acclimatising to changing air pressure on the drive up from the valley to the resort - breast-feeding, bottle-feeding or, if old enough sucking a sweet, may help acclimatise them to the altitude.

It’s worth having a couple of nappy bags with you in case your children get travel sick going up or down the hair-pin bends.

By Plane

If possible try to board the plane last, it is easier to get you and your children sorted, once others are seated. There is also less time to have to amuse the children before take-off. If you have brought a pushchair you may be asked to leave it at the gate for separate loading.

Take plenty to occupy the children during the coach transfer to the resort as well as drinks, snacks and wipes. For the drive up the mountain please see the BY CAR travel notes above.

Please see FAQ for further information regarding infants

Tips for Skiing with Children

All ages of children need to be kept hydrated, the higher they go, the more fluids they need. We suggest that you get some water into your children in the morning when they wake up and at breakfast as it’s not really suitable to give them drinks to take to Ski School.

Only book your children into Ski School if they are totally toilet trained and ensure that they have been just before Ski School (which will last between 2-3hrs) and before they get all their Ski clobber on!
Whilst skiing your children should wear helmets; these can be pre-ordered with your skiing equipment with us before leaving the UK. It is advisable to book them as, during the height of the season, they are in high demand and could be hard to get hold of.

Suncream - must be worn whether the weather be sunny or whether the weather be not. You can still get burnt as the sunlight reflects off all the bright white snow and ice and back onto your face! Remember a lip balm with a high SPF.

Sunglasses or Goggles – The light in the mountain can be exceptionally strong, you will need to protect your children from getting “snow blindness” and harmful UVA and UVB rays to their eyes. Provide them with goggles when its snowing and sunglasses if it’s sunny, ensure they have a strap attaching them around their head.

Snack - pop a snack in your child's pocket to keep their energy levels up whilst they are at Ski School

There are so many things that need to be remembered for Ski School: as well as the clothes and accessories don’t forget to put their lift pass and ski school passes secure in your child's pocket.
Gloves can easily easily get lost; if children are young go back to the old school way and attach them together with a long bit of elastic threaded through the arms of their jacket.br /> Children often have very similar skis and boots, its essential that you ensure they have the correct pairing of skis and boots as all sets of skis are measured specifically to that pair of boots – you do not want to arrive at ski school and be unable to fit their skis onto the boots.
A tip would be to bring some masking tape with you to write your child’s name on. Stick it to the ski boots and skis where the least amount of water gets to.



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